Cube:Bits Project: 3x3x3

4Tronix's base and 3x3x3, BBC's Micro:Bit, and Microsoft MakeNote programs

by Tom Henry

This project uses a product called Cube:Bit purchased from a company call 4tronics.  The Cube:Bit are available in 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 "neo-pixel" compatible cubes.  For this project I will be using the 3x3 slices and 4tronics's base unit. The base unit allows us to control the Cube:Bit using either a Micro:Bit or Raspberry Pi Zero.  Both of these plug directly into the base unit.

For this project I will be using the Micro:Bit and Microsoft's MakeCode blocks to program the neo-pixels.

The above MakeCode blocks will light up the LEDs and will look like the video below:  starts out with all pixels red, pauses 2 seconds, then green, then pause, the blue, pause, then rainbow, and back to red.