Adafruit Feather, Clock, Sensor Project

Using:  Feather M0 Express, PFC8523 Clock, and MS8607 PHT Sensor

by Tom Henry

Breadboard Layout

3 Volts Red, Ground Black, SDA Blue, SCL Yellow

Below is the CircuitPython code above as seen in mu-editor.  mu-editor talks to CIRCUITPY.  The file will open and begin running when you plug in your Feather M0 Express to your Mac.

Step 6:  Download CircuitPython Code and save in mu-editor.   Just click on the link.

This project combines an Adafruit Feather M0 Express running CircuitPython with an Adafruit PC8523 battery operated Real Time Clock, and an Adafruit MS8607 Sensor for pressure, temperature, and humidity.  The real time clock was added because CircuitPython does not have a built in clock. The Feather is connected to my MacBook and the mu-editor app is used to run the CircuitPython program.  I have create step by step instructions for completing the program.


1.  Soldered headers to all 3 boards.

1.  Feather M0 Express: you have loaded CircuitPython on the board.

2.  Libraries:  you have copied the following libraries to the CIRCUTPY folder:

3.  Clock notes: add battery, set up date and time

4.  Need to download and set up mu-editor on your Mac

5.  How to use mu-editor

Purchase the first 3 items Adafruit:

Adafruit PC8523 Real Time Clock.


Adafruit MS8607 Pressure Temperature and Humidity Sensor.


Output every 10 minutes or change line 47 above to sleep whatever number of seconds you want.

Today is Thursday: 2/25/2021

The time is 19:10:31

The Pressure is: 1016.36 hPa or 14.74 psi.

The Temperature is: 25.63 C or 77.95 F.

and the Relative Humidity is: 37.35 % rH


Today is Thursday: 2/25/2021

The time is 19:20:31

The Pressure is: 1016.33 hPa or 14.74 psi.

The Temperature is: 25.51 C or 77.74 F.

and the Relative Humidity is: 37.58 % rH


Step 1:  Purchase these parts.

ELEGOO 3pcs MB-102 Breadboard just like in the photos below.  Do a search on, and you will find 3 Breadboards for $10.  Save the other 2 for another project.

So, your total cost for this project will be something like $60 plus shipping.

Step 2:  Solder the included headers to the Feather, the clock, and the sensor.  Adafruit has some excellent soldering directions.  Check out this page:  Adafruit Soldering Headers

Step 3:  Wire up your circuit per the photos below.

Step 4:  Download the mu-editor and install it on your Mac.  Here are some directions from Adafruit on how to do that:  Install mu-editor

Step 7:  

As you can see from above, mu-editor is set for CircuitPython is the lower right corner.  If you save the above program as on your Adafruit Fether M0 Express, every time you start up the Feather, it will run the above code and produce at output similar to the screen shot below.