Kitronik's ZIP Halo HD board has 60 full color LEDs that work with the Micro:Bit

by Tom Henry

This project uses a product ZIP Halo HD from Kitronik.  It has 60 individually addressable full color ZIP LEDs (neo-pixels).  It has a plug in for the BBC Micro:Bit.  Additionallly it has a microphone, a buzzer, and an onboard real time clock.

On the back it has a battery holder for 3 AA batteries with a switch an on off switch on the front.

This project focuses on the 60 neo-pixels being programmed by using Microsoft's MakeCode Blocks.

Here are some screen shots of the board.

Here is one example of the ZIP Halo HD lighting up various neo-pixels starting with 0 and then advancing by 2 until reaching 58 and then starting over again while alternating between red and green.  This is way too much fun.

And here is the MakeCode that makes all this happen.  I am sure there must be an easier way to code this, but for now this will have to do.