Lovingston, Virginia

Don and Mary Anne's Farm

We helped Don and Mary Anne plant their garden with corn and beans.  Don used his John Deere tractor to prepare the soil.  Tom and Xinyi were on opposite sides of the garden measuing 32" between rows and stretching twine between the sides for a straight line.  Then Don walked along with a mechanical device that sowed the seed to just the right depth every so often.  Mary Anne came behind and tamped down the soil.  We sowed all the seeds in less than an hour.

In a couple of weeks the corn will come up and Mary Anne will fertilize the corn and Don will do his best to keep the crows from eating the new corn sprouts.

This marvelous mechanical device sows the seeds to just the right depth, and drops a seed every so often.  It really helps speed up the process of planting a garden.

Don's John Deere tractor quickly prepares the soil.  He drives the tractor a couple of times over the field.  

Don pushes the seeder along the twine set up by Tom and Xinyi.  Mary Anne walks behind and tamps down the soil over the corn and bean seeds.